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We call Earth our home but how much do you know about it? Let me introduce to you some of Earth's interesting facts and stories!



Trivia: Earth is the third rock from the sun and until now it is the only known planet that supports LIFE.

How does Earth really look like

Earth is not perfectly round. This is not to say Earth is flat. Long before Columbus sailed the sea, Aristotle proposed that Earth was round. This was based on a number of observations, such as the fact that departing ships not only appeared smaller as they sailed away but also seemed to sink into the horizon.

Isaac Newton then proposed that Earth was not perfectly round. Instead, he suggested it was an oblate spheroid—a sphere that is squashed at the poles and swollen at the equator. As Earth spins, gravity points toward the center of the planet and a centrifugal force pushes outward. But since this centrifugal force acts perpendicular to the axis of Earth, and Earth's axis is tilted, the centrifugal force at the equator is not exactly opposing the gravity. This imbalance sums up at the equator, where gravity pushes extra masses of water and earth into a bulge shape at the equator.


You are on the move even if you are standing

You may feel like you are standing still, but in fact you are actually moving very fast! People on the equator move the fastest, while someone standing on the North or South pole would be perfectly still. (Imagine spinning a basketball on your finger. A point on the ball's equator has farther to go in a single spin than a point near your finger. So, the point on the equator is actually moving faster.) To make one complete rotation in 24 hours, a point near the equator of the Earth will move as close to 1000 miles per hour (1600 km/hr).

Then you might be wondering why you can't feel like you're spinning. Well...


The answer lies in the nature of Earth's movement! Imagine being on an plane and it's smoothly travelling at a constant speed and constant altitude. When walk down the aisle, you can't really feel the movement of the plane. The reason is simple: you, the plane, and everything else inside it is travelling at the same speed. Or in short - inertia. In order to be aware of the movement of the plane, you have to glance at the clouds outside.

It's the same with Earth's rotation, our planet rotates around its axis every 24 hours, spinning incessantly at an almost constant rate.

Earth is old

Researchers calculated the age of the Earth by dating both the oldest rocks on the planet and meteorites that have been discovered on Earth because meteorites and Earth formed at the same time, when the solar system was forming. And they claimed that Earth is about 4.54 billion years old.


Coldest place on Earth

You all probably already know where is the coldest place on Earth. It is Antarctica indeed! Winter temperatures there can drop below a bone-chilling of minus 100 degrees F (minus 73 degrees C).

Too chilly for you? Continue on...

Trivia: Do you know that Antarctica contains 70% of Earth's fresh water?

Hottest place on Earth

The fiery award for Earth’s hottest spot goes to El Azizia, Libya. According to NASA Earth Observatory, temperature records from weather stations revealed it hit a scorching 136 degrees Fahrenheit (57.8 degrees Celsius) on Sept. 13, 1922.

The beauty of Earth

Earth has all the makings of a jaw-dropping blockbuster movie: from the wondrous blue ocean to steamy volcanoes. Prepare yourselves for some of Earth's most stunning faces!






Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's needs, but not every man's greed. As Earth's children we must come together to protect our home and not destroy it for one's benefit. Well that sums up on this topic on our mother Earth. See you next time!

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