Dust And Shadows 2.5

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Someone took it hard this week. See the damage below! Trying out a new organization format on my pc see if it helps with efficiency.



You sneak down to the house and creep around peeking into windows. Roll 19. You investigate the premise and see not only was it empty, you find tons of supplies. You grab all that you can including a shining long rifle. You exit the house and gaze upon the corral. Of the remaining horses only two seem fit to be capable for travel.

Do you

  1. Try to tame the large gray horse who seems numb to the heat
    2)The tan and black mustang with a nervous twitch that darts faster than any horse you have ever seen


As you fall back further into the canyon your patient comes to his full senses. He draws out his pistol and hands it to you, he is still too foggy to shoot straight. "Think this will work?" You quietly nod as you lie to him. As you go deeper into the canyon you feel the presence of someone behind you. You press up against a rock and peek around. The warrior is stalking you, you can see him investigate the crashed wagon as he tracks your footsteps. "Indian tracker? Great." You brace your arm on a rock aiming with his pistol. Roll 5. The bullet hits the wagon as the warrior scoffs at you. You slide down the rock as the tracker speeds toward you.
Your companion sourly muses. "I didn't like the element of surprise anyway."

DO you

  1. Fall back further
  2. Try and shoot him


You brush the blood off your palm. You explain to your attacker you don't like being interupted. And unless he explains himself he won't get a chance to again. Roll 7. He rolls his eyes as you try your best to scare him. no effect. Your mate picks him up. "I don't feel easy killing him unless we know he's the only one." You shrug. The warrior glares as you ponder your options, he looks more aggravated than scared.

Do you

  1. Kill him anyway
  2. Bring him with just in case.


Roll 2. As you press deeper. You realize you have no clue how the f^&% to kill a man this way. At worse you're straining his neck. You flop around randomly with your skin. As you eyes you menacingly. Roll 3. He bites your leg as you punch him, but the swing knocks you off balance and he escapes. Your leg is throbbing as he wipes his mouth. He darts back into the desert as you curse him.

DO you

  1. try to kill him again
  2. hobble for shelter


You search the area. Roll 2. Nothing can be found but a small rock. Good job. As you give up your search you see a horse in the distance. No rider in sight. The rock rolls around in your hand as you debate.

Do you

  1. Use the rock to lure it to you
    2)Sneak up on the horse

As you bring the man to town you can feel eyes watching you. You see a warrior on a pale horse. He is clad in war party paint. As you scan the horizon you see a column of boulder ahead, no one else is here but you three. Roll 12. He follows behind watching you but does not attack more bemused than anything. He keeps close enough to see where you are going but not close enough to hit you with an arrow.

Do you.

1)Set up an ambush

  1. Move faster and hope he breaks off

You stretch a hand over to him and breathe. Your hand glows as you stand there stunned. Gunsmoke fills your lungs as you see the wound close. Roll 3. He clutches his heart as he curses you. You take a step back as he cackles. "Just kidding but Jesus duck!" You turn as you get a spear into your torso. It passes cleanly through your shoulder. The warrior is on top of you. Roll 20. A single shot echoes as the warrior flops over. You pass out from the pain.

You awaken a few hours later in a bed too small for you. You look around and realize you are in a jail cell. The man watching you grins. "The hotel was full. But yea, mind telling me why you were sniffing around a gold carriage?"

Do you

  1. Tell him you were a deputy (a lie)
  2. Tried to savage some gold but saved a man's life


You find some rope and tie him up. The heat beats down as you and your new partner call out questions from the shade. The warrior tries to ignore you. Roll 4. He blows air at his forehead and seems satisfied with the cooling sensation. You wait another hour as you scrounch down.

Do you

  1. Leave him
    2)Continue to interrogate him from the shade


These players have to comment on this post to resume play, if they reply before everyone else has responded I will give them their in game actions. If not the next post will come sooner! Trying this out to speedup gameplay.
(it's ok life happens.)


The winner for this week is... @apolymask. Sending you one gold steemmonster card asap. Just need to raid the box we stol- FOUND, the box we found.

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I don't want to spook the horse, so lets try #1 lure it to me with the rock.

I gotta try to shoot again!!!! I can't retreat... CAN'T!

#2 try and shoot again


So sorry! Was on vacation last week and I forgot to respond!


So sorry! Was on
Vacation last week and I
Forgot to respond!

                 - ethandsmith

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.


No problem, I figured something was going on. Will update it soon for your story.


@ethandsmith just reply to this comment with your choice for last weeks action, ill plug it into the next post

Hmmmm..... This is a tough one..

I think I'll.. Try to tame the large gray horse who seems numb to the heat.
The other one is fast! But, it looks a bit unstable and could end in an injury or worse. So.. I shall try the gray one.

PS.. I just want to remind you the scavenger hunt for the IFC ends tomorrow around 3PM. I think it's 3:38 PM exactly, but.. Somewhere around there.

Wish I had more time for a proper response, but I will go with option #2, bring him with, just incase.

Oh we could be here forever - I'm leaving that bugger behind so #1

shit, am i too late too??? i pick... uggghh... i LIE!!! i'm hella a deputy git me out of this here cell!