The Table (Appreciate what others do or they will stop doing those things...)

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Steemit! An interesting platform filled with everything from recipes to poetry to startups to charities to tragedies.

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From the beginning of April last year I've seen countless people and projects come and go and rise and fall or sink or swim. A consistent core who didn't bite off more then they could chew seem to be weathering the downturn just fine and "buying at the dip". Some people will never be satisfied no matter what and that is not a problem that I shall add to my platter of things that matter!
I have started and managed things and am rather quiet about quite a few projects that I'm involved in but one thing that remains steadfast is my set of values. People drift apart so they may find others to drift to or to find the next phase of the ecosystem to explore. It is natural to outgrow and move on from phases at times and to be able to do so without spite and malice. One thing I've observed is a rather sad state of forced humility that will come if you can't cope with the fact that not everyone is someone you will want to meet real life under any circumstances. I have a core group of friends and allies and do not need to be drained by those who can not even say a simple thank you.

When someone is kind to you on here or gives you upvotes or prizes or donations you say THANK YOU. Expressing gratitude instead of throwing people under the bus who helped you get even one single penny is priceless! I recommend reading things twice... (measure twice, cut once). Also, if you promise something then be able to deliver on it or act like a semi business savvy person and realize that if you don't appreciate what others bring to the table someone just will up and take the table away with them.



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Word sister


@sapphic and @undeground are co-witnesses.....both are excellent to the extreme! <3
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Thank you for flying that canna banner! I’m proud to fly the team good banner.


likewise :)

you know there is always Llama lurv for ya :D


Woooo, cosmic narwhalpaca! 😍


you're back :D I see you are undercover agent :)


this one is extra radically universal and stuff!

Under promise, over deliver. Be the thing you want to see in the world, but never sell more then your soul.


BINGO , thank you for leaving a comment that hits the nail on the head
:) should be on a tshirt this comment you made

okay, alrighty looks like i already upvoted this too ... great words of advice from someone who knows. think on it people!

There is much truth in that! Thanks for the wisdom.


Thank you for stoppin' by me blog, appreciated <3

Yep totally agree with you @battleaxe. Especially, some of the newer Generation who seem entitled to things and just do not use a simple "thank you" in their common day vernacular.


No joke..though this seems to be rather prevalent across all demographics imho
people gonna people ;)

That's when you hire a personal masseuse and they have to bring a table with them every time :P

Well said. Just a simple word of gratitude can go a long way


very very true...these are really low times in crypto across the board,,,, what is the end goal? who knows but at least some of us can say we were pioneers on some of this stuff


I have a strong stance that our "pioneering " is the right choice

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