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Here is a parody of Queens bohemian rapsody, so just saying steem it is life, live the steem dream.

🎸Air guitar tuning in major G wiz for advanced mental illness players only. Well I guess you all can play along but put some heart into it OK?🎸


Is this thereal life or is it only steem, caught in the matrix no escape from steemlife you see. Look up from the memes, away from the screen and seeeeeeee , I'm not a chat bot I need no sympathy steemit is easy come, easy go, little high, little low, any way the steem flows doesn't really mater... to meeeeeeee.

{cracks knucles for air piano part}

da da dum da dum dum da da dum da dum dum.

verse 1

Dano... I'm bloging here... heard about the smt's not till next year I will see, and Dano... you know my steemlife has just begun come on now, there's no way I'm going to go and throw it all away. Steemit... * oooo ooo oo ooooooo* Please don't make us cry If I don't blog here again tomorrow carry on, steem along cause it reallyreally matters.

(sorry my air piano skillz are a bit rusty)

da da dum da dum dum da da dum da dum dum. any way the steem flows doesn't really mater to mee.

dump dump dump da dum dum

verse 2

Big drama...* it's not too late**... sends shivers in my mind writing cringe stuff all the time... it's not goodbye every body I'm not going to go... gotta leave this room and go make a post. ** steemit **...everybody ooo oo ooo oooooo {any way the steem flows,} I don't wanna cry I just wanna contribute maybe make some people chuckle, sometimes I wish I heard about steemit last year.

{air guitar solo melting your face off time }

wah wah wah wah wah wha wha wah wah weee didle diddle da de didle diddle da deee da da da da da da deeeeee

verse 3

bump bump bump bump bump bump bum bump

Icy gelato, and a ham sandwich, Kill a Moose Kill a Moose what the hell is a fandango?, Thunderbolts of writing blogging it's not frightning me. Fried potato fried potato Fried potato fried potato Fried potato cheerios. I'm just a new guy somebody up vote me?Spare him his life from this obscurity.easy steem easy gooooo Up vote this yo! Please uh go ooooooh comment below Please uh go ooooooh comment below (wash rince repeat 3 times } please comment below, please comment below, please comment below, { same thing 3 more times shesh! } oooooh ooooo ohoooh ooohooohoooh Mama mia, mama cita, large pizza my burrito who is this bub trying to put all his fur on me?

oh just the cat...never mind.

verse 4
So you think you can't steemit well why not just try eee iiiiiiii?{air guitar goes da down da down} So you think you will give up and just say good bye eee iiiii? noooooo steemer's dont do that to me steemers just gota get up just gotta get up and go give!

{insane mind blowing air guitar solo part 2}

da da da da da dee da da da da da etc etc. ha ha


twinkle twinkle twinkle dee

Gotta get connected... join community.. gotta get connected.. to steeeeeeeeeeeeeeem.
any way the steem flows.
air piano bit

de dell de dell dedel deeeeee.

Thanks had to get that out of my system I had fun doing it .All your attention, up votes, comments, resteems, scratching and sniffing, of the screen really matters to me please try to laugh a little live a lot and show the comunity what youve got go steem go!
btw you totally just sang that in your head didn't you?

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Hahahaha! LOVE it and i totally sang it while reading LOL

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Thank you so much @mrsquigle you are the best man on the moon ever.

Lol. Very nice user.


Thank you you are too kind :)

Haha. Very creative and awesome air piano.
Go #teamaustralia


Yeah I suck at air piano ha ha ha :)


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