Silver Coins and Adelaide Meetups

in teamaustralia •  10 months ago

I've now collected 2 silver coins from @o07 and wanted to say thank you again!!


The coin on the right (smaller one with Steem written on it) I won from a gif contest for Easter. The one on the left I won from a raffle at the Adelaide Steemit meetup.

On @o07's main page he runs gif contests. Every day he runs a contest where he rewards for the best gif based on the topic. Prizes are either SBD or a silver coin! They're super simple to enter, he has the rules on each post.

The second coin I got at the Adelaide meetup. There was a raffle thing where they collected the name tags and drew one for the winner. My sister @izzydawn was actually the one picking the name. There must be some psychic connection between us. (don't worry, there was no way she could have cheated)

This was my second meetup, and unfortunately my last for a while. I met quite a few new people including @isabeldorastorey and @wildflowerjessi. It's so great meeting new people and hearing their stories and what they do! I also heard that we broke the Australian record for people at a Steemit meetup... we got 18 this time!

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Resteemed :) Enjoy the silver! Soon you'll start collecting it like the three of us, @o07 @mattclarke, and myself. :|


I don't have any silver. I lost it all. In a boating accident.



A dramatic re-enactment.


Nobody expects the Unfinished Spanish Galleon of Finley lake.


Your welcome :)

Have a great trip and we will see you when you get back!

#resteemed #keeponstacking #mallsballers

Congrats on winning the coin. I was there but didn't have much of a chance to mingle with everyone as there were so many people and it was great to catch up with everyone. It's a shame that this meet up will be your last for a while, but have fun wherever you are. :D

18 people is a great result too.

Have you tried out some of the music on
It's music here on Steemit. There's all sorts of stuff being created and some of it is really cool.


No I haven't yet, but that sounds awesome I'll have to check it out :)

We love his GIF contests! They're so much fun and we were able to win a few times. BTW these coins are awesome!

Congratulations on winning the silver bits :D Have you caught stackitis too?