Winter Ocean Twilight Sunshine Coast Australia

in teamaustralia •  4 months ago

A9E40C10-8ABB-4FBD-A22D-75A9FC55A60A.jpeg Photo by @stephen-somers iPhone 6s

I just had to share this photo of the beathtaking colours of the winter twilight overlooking the Pacific Ocean at Coolum Beach, Sunshine Coast, Australia. There was almost no wind making the sea like a mirror making the sea look like liquid Silver.
Even though it’s mid winter here, you’ll notice people still swimming in the Ocean, the water temperature is about 19c, far too cool for us locals but people from colder climates might not enjoy the water temperature more than that in mid summer.


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Beautiful picture! Nice to see you back posting!


GLad you like the pic and thanks for noticing I’ve not posted in a while.

Stunning. I just love gazing upon the horizon and noticing the dramatic shifts in color. You captured this nicely :)

The swimmers probably come from London hahah. I take full advantage of the surf in winter. Our winter water is warm compared to other parts of the world. In the east it will only get as low as 16 degrees, it is the wind that can become bothersome ;)


Yes could be some folk from the UK we also get a lot of Kiwis visit in winter. The water over there might not get to 16c in mid summer.

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Cool pic, nice to see you again it's been a while. How was the commonwealth games?


The games were fun. Was a lot of controversy over the closing ceremony but was good to see live though.