Public artworks at Sunshine Coast University Hospital

in teamaustralia •  10 months ago

I’ve been couped up here at the new Sunshine Coast University Hospital waiting to undergo some more tests tomorrow. I’ve had plenty of time to get out and explore the facilities and have been impressed with the public artwork and gardens. Here is a few of the artworks unfortunately I’ve not been able to find any info on them but love how public art can improve the space it sits in.

41990AB4-5468-48E0-ABF9-A35351E83C9C.jpeg This one reminds me of the central structure of the banksia flower after the outside has been burned off by bushfire. I love how they light up at night.

These lights are like the flower stalks of the native kangaroo grass.

0E483F48-259F-463C-91B3-9D4DEDBAC1AC.jpeg These jellyfish hang above the entrance foyer.

I’m sure there’s more in some of the private courtyards in other areas of the hospital.


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Woww ...amazing artwork .Infact i have this type of lights for te first time

Very beautiful lighting for a hospital setting @stephen-somers Great photos. I’ve been thinking of you and wondering how you are getting on. Sending you positive thoughts and hope you are getting plenty of rest. 🌺


Thanks. I’m home from Hospital but still undergoing further tests and trying to get as much rest as I can.

Thanks for your share, Stephen! The first one rocks. Love how they shine at night :) Keep exploring, friend!


It’s very cool and I found out they change colours

Sorry you have to spend so much time at the hospital. At least the art is nice. That's cool the pillars light up and night. It seems like a well-done courtyard.


It’s wonderful and will be even better when the forest grows over time.

And I assume, you are doing better now :-)

Btw the hospital reminds me of a hostpital called Aster Medcity here in India. Looks quite similar.


Yes I’m feeling much better but still not sure why I had the symptoms.
Interesting about the similarities with the hospital in India although half my cardiologist team was Indian so I guess even medicine is globalised these days.


hmm may be need some regualr excercises ? (Not that I am doing anything!)

although half my cardiologist team was Indian

Thats quite peculiar !


Yes eat better, more exercise and less stress is the goal.
As for the Drs we have many Indian professionals who have moved to Australia.

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nice photo 😃😃😃