Hidden Sculpture Garden Sunshine Coast Australia

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Today I visited the Sunshine Coast Bushland Botanic Gardens with my family. I have taken a few photos to share some of the sculptures.

The garden was a community driven project in partnership with the local government. The sculptures were created on site between 2005-2009 by both local and international artists. Carved from local sandstone and Marble from North Queensland (fosilised coral reef ), set in a beautiful glade garden surrounded by the Australian bush, these gardens really are a hidden gem.

There was a QR code at the entry which links to a website with some more background and info for those that are interested.





IMG_5145.JPG @frobear and Wombat


I hope you like the sculpture garden photos and if you ever visit the Sunshine Coast Australia come check them out yourself.

All photos by @stephen-somers iPhone 6s


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I love the fact that all those awesome sculptures are surround by nature. I feel like I see soo many statues and sculptures in non-natural areas, that it's just soo refreshing seeing some in nature.


I love that they were created onsite from local stone and materials by international artists. Each one was sponsored by benefactors who paid the artists travel and living costs.

Wow. Nice photos. I'll definitely have to go there when I am up that way next. Thanks for sharing.


This is the first post I've done in a while due to working too hard then getting slapped down by a health issue. We visited the garden for some nice family time and it was so nice I just had to share it.

Indeed beautiful pictures.

Some awesome sculptures there, I like the snake and the wombat the most, thanks for sharing, cheers.