First Bitcoin Price and Now Ethereum On ABC Australian TV News

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It’s only a few days ago I posted about mainstream media coverage of Bitcoin in Australia on the main evening news bulletin on the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) , which for those who don’t know is the Australian government owned national broadcaster. I even mused a few months ago how long until other cryptocurrencies are mentioned. The quote below from my previous post [Bitcoin Correction on ABC Australian TV News] made in September 2017 (

Almost a month ago the finance presenter, Alan Kohler highlighted Bitcoin vs Gold, tonight it was the current correction where the market cap of BTC has lost over US$20 Billion, I wonder how long until he starts to talk about other cryptocurrency and the disruption they pose toward traditional business models.

Well, tonight I was pleasently suprised to see Alan Kohler include Ethereum (ETH) up on the commodity report with Gold, Copper,Oil and Iron Ore prices.


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This is a great step forward! Imagine when this starts showing up worldwide.


We are still at the very thin edge of the wedge with the whol concept of crypto. Exciting times.

imagine,just how many people would ask :what the f#@&*is ETH??


Yep. Most people’s brain explodes at the thought of cryptocurrency

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At least your government and powers that be are talking about it @stephen-somers very little said this side of the pond.

It is good news that Luno send out newsletters that many more South African's are starting to take interest, plus they now trading in Ethereum as well as Bitcoin


Some big legislative changes coming in Australia Some good some bad. But as you say it’s on the agenda so that’s good.

I wouldn't be surprised down the track cryptos getting their own category, its much more then to be in same basket as Gold or oil. Brilliant news and thanks for the share, Go Team Australia :D


Would be amazing to see, especially with some Aussie tokens getting going like POWR.