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It is 'tax' time again and it is time to 'pony up and pay' by entering the weekly:
"Supporting @Centerlink Competition"

This 'compulsory competition' is to continue to support @Centerlink benefits for all members of #TeamAustralia. As members are well aware, @Centerlink has been supporting all #teamaustralia members by upvoting every post from the team and therefore, supporting steemwars in the process.
Due to the continual 'government fundraising' (using your taxes) @Centerlink has increased the payout to #teamaustralia members posts to 9.5%.

Competition Rules

To be eligible for this competition you must:

  1. upvote and resteem this post
  2. follow @Centerlink
  3. complete the scenario/challenge as outlined below

You do not have to be a member of #TeamAustralia to participate in this competition, however, some knowledge of Australiana would be of an advantage.

Week 2 Competition Scenario:

@Centerlink is an Australian institution. Institutions sometimes need a facelift to improve their reputation in the community.

Your challenge this week is to create a 'Meme' or other graphic advertisement that will aid in enhancing @Centerlink's reputation and standing within the Community. Post your 'creations' in the comments section of this post. (see the example below)


The most creative or funny or enlightening or downright dodgy entry may be selected as the winner. Competition winners will be selected by #TeamAustralia government officials @ausbitbank and @sirknight and notified in the following weeks competition posting.

Week 1 Winner:

Congratulations to @markfitzgerald for his enlightening reason for receiving @Centerlink benefits:


Earnings from last weeks Competition = 40SBD

20SBD to @markfitzgerald

20SBD to @centerlink


All SBD from this post will be split 50/50 between the competition winner and @Centerlink.

@Centerlink is an initiative of @ausbitbank with the support of @sirknight to further develop and strengthen the #TeamAustralia community and voting block.


More funds for @Centerlink = more Steem Power = stronger upvotes for #TeamAustralia members and their posts

For more information, please call 13 8250 and wait on hold for 2 hours.

Thanks for supporting this competition.

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Thanks to @bearone for the footer design.

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