Mr Squiggle - The #TeamAustralia Curation Bot - Delegation Drive - Smaller SP Delegates can now access the bot's power

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As most people know, I setup a little bot named @MrSquiggle to support the #TeamAustralia community. It started out upvoting every post put up by every member of the community. It was effectively a smaller version of @Centerlink setup by @Ausbitbank. @MrSquiggle was controlled by me and through the weekly curation articles, I am able to purchase delegation of SP to keep the bot at a certain strength.

Currently, thanks to delegations and delegation purchases, @MrSquiggle has 4900SP, but I would like to see that grow to make it a stronger community bot. Currently there are a number of delegators to @MrSquiggle who receive auto upvotes from the bot for contributing to his strength. A list of curators from the #TeamAustralia then also scour the great posts from the community to upvote and/or resteem. This makes the bot a truly community bot and is supported as a part of the #MinnowSupportProject.

Would you like to delegate to @MrSquiggle and receive autovotes from the bot?

Delegation to the @MrSquiggle bot does one of two things for delegators:

  1. You receive an auto upvote on your posts, the strength of which is determined by the amount delegated to the bot. You then get access to a larger collective of SP to boost the rewards from your posts.
  2. You contribute to a bot that supports the wider #TeamAustralia community building the strength for all in the #TeamAustralia community.

What is the benefit for delegating to @MrSquiggle?

  • Delegating 100SP = 0.18c upvote currently from @MrSquiggle.
  • A 100% upvote from 100SP alone = 0.01c currently.

That is a 1800% increase on your SP investment if you delegate 100SP to the @MrSquiggle bot

To allow smaller SP holders to delegate and be added to the upvote list, I will be introducing the following sliding scale for auto-upvotes:

  • 250SP+ - 100% of allocated upvote (75% upvote - currently worth 0.46c)
  • 125SP - 50% of allocated upvote (37.5% upvote - currently 0.22c)
  • 100SP - 40% of allocated upvote (30% upvote - currently 0.18c)
  • 50SP - 20% of allocated upvote (15% upvote - currently 0.09c)

Any amount of SP can be delegated for an upvote and the corresponding % upvote will be worked out. (% upvotes may change as the bot grows in strength). Upvotes will be controlled using Steemvoter or Fossbot. Delegators may or may not be followed by @MrSquiggle, depending on the amount of SP delegated.

Content MUST be creative and original.

@MrSquiggle has a three strike policy. To continue to receive upvotes as a delegator you must post original and creative content that contributes to the community and platform. Delegators that breach this policy will be notified by one of the curators and may have their upvotes from the bot revoked.

Any delegation to either #TeamAustralia bots, @Centerlink or @MrSquiggle qualify for auto upvotes from @MrSquiggle.

How can you delegate to the @MrSquiggle bot?

To delegate to the @MrSquiggle bot you can use the following link:
This link will delegate 100SP to @MrSquiggle.
This link will delegate 250SP to @MrSquiggle.
This link will delegate 50SP to @MrSquiggle.

You will need to replace USERNAME with your own Steemit username before submitting.

To delegate to @Centerlink use the MSP Delegation Helper:

Once you have delegated to either bot, send me, @Scooter77, a Direct Message in the PALnet Discord channel here:

Where do I ask Questions?

Come and find us in the PALnet #TeamAustralia room to connect, ask questions, find some new friends and further build the community. Use this link to find us:

scooter77 footer ta - bearone.png

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Hi Mr Squiggle,
I delegated you 50SP. It's a great initiative. I'm fairly new to the Steemit forum, but having read some of the "rules" for earning money - not why I joined, mind you, that was a pleasant and unexpected discovery - I realised that if you live on this side of the world, you are actually at a disadvantage since most votes are earned for the timeliness factor, when potentially, unless you are an insomniac, you're more likely to be earning some Zs. So power up Mr Squiggle.....


Thanks Katy and thanks for contributing to the bot even though you are a relatively new user.

This post has been resteemed by @mrsquiggle courtesy of @scooter77 from the Minnow Support Project ( @minnowsupport ). Join us in Discord.

Upvoting this comment will help support @minnowsupport.


cheers to the man in the moon one day ill have enough to delegate
hope its really soon.

Nice To see about such Quality Post

Great job MrSquiggle 😉

You got my vote and a resteem :]

Nice to see you really going after great quality as a priority. The 3 strike policy is a winner. Great job!


Thanks. It has to be content that contributes to the platform and community and not something that is plagiarised from somewhere else.

I started following you a week ago.
All your publications are wonderful and useful.
Thank you