There's more to Scorum than just sports

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The social media powered blockchain dedicated to Sport.... But also includes gaming, fantasy sports and soon to come gambling!

Originally when I was told about scorum, I was hesitant. I'm not a big sports fan kinda guy, but some of the fellas from the poker league had joined, and were encouraging me to do aswell...

Personally I'd rather play a sport than sit and watch it. Even State of Origin which is only 3 games, Since moving abroad I haven't even been able to commit myself to 3 games a year lol.

Maybe the only exception to that, would be watching UFC payperview fights (here in Asia they are streamed free😆). While many other sports allow for occasional fouls or mistakes thought a match, Fight sports are great in that they often don't!

"A fighter's carear can be defined or destroyed in a single strike"

Personally I still prefer TUF though. "The Ultimate Fighter" is a reality based show where contestants fight each other to win a 6 figure contract and enter the UFC "Ultimate Fighting Championship".
While competing, the show highlights insights into the fighters lives "outside the cage". Where all 16 contestants live in a mansion together (team mates and opponents) who can often be a bunch of psychotic and grandiose personalities eager to become the best fighter in their weight division.

"It's a boiling pot of awesome sauce... But other than that, I would rather play than watch it"


Nonetheless, I decided to give Scorum a go, I was also relieved to find that they classified poker as a sport.

"Don't get me wrong I love poker, but in my opinion poker is as much as sport, as it is a fashion Statement"

Stereotypically when you think of;

  • A basketball player, you imagine someone tall,
  • A football player, someone big and bulky.
  • An Olympic swimmer, a "white" person
  • Olympic sprinter or long distance runner - a "Black" man
  • Beach volleyball player - boobs in a bikini (from a males perspective)

But when you imagine a poker player, instantly you think of a hunched over dude at a table in a baseball cap wearing dark shades... much In the same way you'd associate a Goth to be wearing all black, drinking his mates blood in his mums basement.

But I'm not here to get into that debate, which is lucky because Esports is the real reason for this post...


I'm not going to give my opinion on Esports being listed as a sport, I don't want this post to end up being tagged #NSFW

"Don't get me wrong, both involve technique, precision, years of sweat and dedication to perfect your skills. But so does being a pastry chef... Doesn't make that a sport, or does it."
(if you feel like debating this point, go ahead in the comments)

Either way my option means shit, fact of the matter is Scorum has recognised Esports as a category, which means there is plenty of room for the "athletic" gaming community to get on board and engage on Scorum.

I find this highly beneficial, not only to myself but the Scorum platform in general. When I get sick of reading about sport... I can always hop over and check out what's going on/ coming up, in the Esports world.

Immediately after logging in you are greated with a clean, attractive, easy to read, super easy to navigate UI, simply select the sport or topic you want and a bunch of recent relevant articles from different authors pop up.
I surprised myself in that I actually enjoy reading the articles too, I find it interesting to read opinions and thoughts from people I have met through steemit and the poker league, and compare their insights with my own perspective.

Plus any day now, Scorum is set to announce the official launch of its first poker league.

I can't give you any details yet, but here's a sneak peak...



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You have a minor misspelling in the following sentence:

can't give you any details yet, but here's a sneak peak.
It should be sneak peek instead of sneak peak.


Lucky you picked that up, or I wouldn't have slept tonight 😂

Going to have to look you up brother. Great as a sport? Why not...then Chess should be considered as a Olyimpic sport as well. You know. That’s really cool. We should try to join these two sports into the next Olympics.



lol. My name over there is just "philippe"


That doesn’t sound right Philippe with your voice. But it will do...


Lol, a few years back we had an Australian Celebreity who was trying to make poll dancing an Olympic sport. He started petitions and everything... Quite funny.
He now comes to Cambodia quite often for motorbike tours.

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