Mr Squiggle - The #TeamAustralia Curation Martian - Some changes to Membership and Posting Rules

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Hello everyone. Mr Squiggle here, the #TeamAustralia Curation Martian.

I have been setup by my master, @scooter77, to provide additional votes to the #TeamAustralia community and to seek out and highlight the awesome and creative content being produced within the #TeamAustralia community.

Voting Power Adjustments

The popularity of @MrSquiggle over the past month has impacted on the Voting Power of the bot. To ensure that delegators are receiving the best Voting Power possible, nominal changes to Voting %'s will occur from time to time to keep VP as high as possible. These could be up or down depending on the need at the time. The aim is to keep the same level of returns for the levels of delegation. I will not be increasing the minimum delegation amounts as I want as many people from the #TeamAustralia community as possible to be able to access the bot.

Australian Membership Only

From now on, only Australian's or #TeamAustralia members will be able to delegate and access the bot. The influx of Aussie's to the platform and the popularity of the bot has bought about this change as it was originally setup to support and build the Australian Steem community. Anyone who is currently delegating to @MrSquiggle and is not an Aussie is still welcome to continue delegating as your support of @MrSquiggle to date has been greatly appreciated.

Posting Rules

In General, the following posting rules apply to @MrSquiggle:

  • Post must be predominately in English language
  • The post must have a minimum of 100 words to be eligible
  • Posts must not be plagiarised content and sources attributed accordingly
  • Generally, only one post per day is eligible for a vote to make it fair for all delegators
Any users breaching these rules may not have their post voted on and/or be placed on manually voting as most vote posting is automated. In extreme cases, you may have you may be asked to remove your delegation.

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Finally, thank you to everyone for their patience with the voting at the moment. @MrSquiggle has been affected by some technical issue with his voting bot and Steemvoter going down also. @scooter77 has been vigilantly manually voting most posts that have been missed so please drop him a line and let him know if you have been missed at anytime.

If there are also any questions at any time, please drop @scooter77 a line in Discord.

Thank you to everyone for your support of @MrSquiggle!

Currently, thanks to delegations, @MrSquiggle has 8900SP, but I would like to see that grow to make it a stronger community bot. Currently there are a number of delegators to @MrSquiggle who receive auto upvotes from the bot for contributing to his strength. A list of curators from the #TeamAustralia then also scour the great posts from the community to upvote and/or resteem. This makes the bot a truly community bot and is supported as a part of the #MinnowSupportProject.

Would you like to delegate to @MrSquiggle and receive autovotes from the bot?

Delegation to the @MrSquiggle bot does one of two things for delegators:

  1. You receive an auto upvote on your posts, the strength of which is determined by the amount delegated to the bot. You then get access to a larger collective of SP to boost the rewards from your posts.
  2. You contribute to a bot that supports the wider #TeamAustralia community building the strength for all in the #TeamAustralia community.

What is the benefit for delegating to @MrSquiggle?

  • Delegating 100SP = ~0.70c upvote currently from @MrSquiggle.
  • A 100% upvote from 100SP alone = ~0.01c currently.

That is not a bad ROI if you delegate 100SP to the @MrSquiggle bot

If you would like to delegate to @MrSquiggle, please use the following links:
This link will delegate 100SP to @MrSquiggle.
This link will delegate 250SP to @MrSquiggle.
This link will delegate 50SP to @MrSquiggle.

You will need to replace USERNAME with your own Steemit username before submitting.

Also, come and chat up a storm and make some friends while you are at it. The #TeamAustralia PALnet Discord channel is the place to be:

If you haven't already, make sure you upvote our #TeamAustralia witness @ausbitbank

How to vote? Use the witness page and upvote @ausbitbank


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Great work Scooter, thanks for everything you do!

I post mainly original music and videos of myself playing terrible guitar, the 100 word requirement is going to lead to a lot of rambling... is it a strict requirement for auto curation? I mean, will I slide by with 53 words and 4 minutes of guitar wankery? :P


Any that it misses I try to manually vote but I think the autovote has been getting your posts so far!


Yeah it has, will restrict it to one a day with the tag though, sharing is caring or so my 4yo daughter says haha.

Great work guys! Keep it up! <3

What's the minimum amount you can delegate @mrsqiggle?

@mrsquiggle just did a small deligtion your way :)