Ryan's Ideas (Ry-deas) Volume 2: 10 things I don't need in my life.

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Every day I write down 10 ideas...

Why? Because James Altucher told me to.

The reasoning? The mind is like a muscle if it doesn't get used, it atrophies.

By constantly practising the process of creating and connecting abstract ideas and concepts your mind will adapt, new connections will be formed and your idea machine will become more powerful every day.

Today I'm sharing some old ideas. I was just reading through my notebook on a flight from Melbourne to Hobart and I came across a list I'd written back in May that I loved!

So I present to you:

10 things I don't need in my life:

  1. Facebook Feed
  2. Credit Card Debt
  3. Excess Alcohol
  4. Processed Food
  5. Fluorescent/LED lights
  6. Excess Caffeine
  7. Gossip
  8. Regret
  9. Poor Posture
  10. Uncomfortable Shoes

So how far have I travelled down the road of self-improvement in the 7 weeks since I scribbled this list?

All I can say is good god these are some comfortable shoes!!


Shawn Achor's "The Happiness Advantage" taught me the power of gratitude
Let's spread some across Steemit! If you want to comment but don't know what to say, just tell me 3 things you’re grateful for today and why. If you’re struggling to come up with ideas try:

  • Something temporary (your coffee, the sunshine)
  • A person
  • An object

Recent double-blind placebo-controlled studies have shown following @lifeofryan also greatly increases happiness :)


Today I'm Grateful for:

  • The Book "Own the day, own your life" by Aubrey Marcus
  • People that go above and beyond in their jobs, today the Barista at the Qantas Club
  • The interesting people I've met selling things on gumtree.

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