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I don't know if this means I'm getting old... but one thing I've really been enjoying lately is walking.

It's a habit that my girlfriend and I have fallen into where every night after dinner we'll go for a walk and explore the city we live in.

It's amazing the things you find that you've walked past 100 times before and never noticed. I'm away for 6 months of the year with work, so it also gives us a chance to talk and reconnect that you just won't find while binge watching Netflix.

Pro Tip: Difficult conversations are wayyyy easier to have when you're side by side, like walking or driving, rather than sitting across a table from each other.

You also get to find cool stuff like this!


CategoryArchitectural Photography
SettingsISO 3200 25 mm f/1.8 1/60 sec
CameraOlympus OMD E-M10 mkiii
LensOlympus M.Zuiko 25mm f1.8
LocationHobart, Australia

Shawn Achor's "The Happiness Advantage" taught me the power of gratitude
Let's spread some across Steemit! If you want to comment but don't know what to say, just tell me 3 things you’re grateful for today and why. If you’re struggling to come up with ideas try:

  • Something temporary (your coffee, the sunshine)
  • A person
  • An object

Recent double blind placebo controlled studies have shown following @lifeofryan also greatly increases happiness :)


Yep getting older will do that i know i seem to walk more as i get older.

Practice what I preach, Today I'm grateful for:

Being able to love, but let go of my possesions
Glutathione and Vitamin C. On a ship where everyone seems to be getting sick I'm still going strong so far (touch wood)
Lindt 85% dark chocolate

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Maybe you guys need a dog Knipoog.gif
We are walking too and we are worrying what will happen with us when we aren't forced anymore to walk her. Probably rooting into the couch.

I hope my girlfriend doesn't see this. I'm bombarded with cute dog photos every day! We both really want one but still have a lot of travelling we want to do.

Stay strong then! The price for 3 weeks dog-hotel is the same as a flight to an interesting country ...
We also looking forward to the day we finally are pet-free.