Australia's Soviet Liberal Government

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This is a cartoon that John Adams had drawn up recently to depict the draconian nature of the Liberal Morrison government's new cash ban bill they plan to implement (with the full support of the Labour opposition)

The picture depicts Scott Morrison in Soviet military garb basically handing free money to the Banksters and the current situation in Australia below where the people are suffering the financial and social problems that are becoming all too common now in Australia . There's senior citizens with blankets because they can't afford heat, Mum & Dad property owners suffering mortgage stress, a guy in jail holding a handfull of cash and even a drug dealer cashing in on the misery.

John Adams has been affiliated with the Liberal party and was one of their leading economic advisors but he left because he felt they'd abandoned their core values of a free market economy and ideals of freedom for the average person on the street. John is at the forefront of the opposition to the new plan to ban cash and the push towards negative interest rates. He wants this cartoon shared as widely as possible so feel free to copy and paste it and share it around.

A link to the original image can be found here if you want to download the full size image. It's a 27mb file and could easily printed as a full size poster to tape to the window of your local MP's office or the window of a bank. I intend to do both.
Original image

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Going cashless has been in the works for a while now, way before our current prime minister even. That says to me, it wouldn't matter who ended up in charge, they would still be doing this. The company never changes, just the CEO. One might wonder if it is in fact the banks in charge of the country...

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That's the crux of the issue in a nutshell, all of this has come from a working paper issued by the IMF. It's got bi-partisan support, so it's becoming blatantly obvious that our politicians are just middle management and will blindly implement the wishes of the of the UN & the IMF.

I've been on both sides of the political fence at different stages of my life, when I was tradesman I was a die hard labour voter and when I ran my own business I shifted towards liberal values because they favoured the free market economy and didn't stifle small business with unfair taxation policy.

These days the lines are blurred and both big parties are siding with the banksters at the expense of the workers and business owners.

Haha that's awesome 👍

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Great cartoon!