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Just finished this last night and I think it came out pretty cool, gave it a final clear coat today and got it out in the sun to show off the colours. All freehand airbrushed, see the end of the post for the full time lapse video of the process!


Diablo is one of my all time favorite games and I came across this awesome image of Diablo form D3 and decided I have to paint it and use some candy colours to make it POP!

Equipment and materials used:

  • Airbrush: Iwata Micron CM-C+
  • Paint:
    • Autobourne Sealer black
    • Wicked Colors White
    • Wicked Colors Black
    • Auto-Air Candy2o Blood Red and Tequila Yellow
    • Gloss Clear Coat
  • Surface: Aluminium Composite Panel

Thanks for looking, if you enjoy what I do, remember to upvote, resteem and follow




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Great painting bro!


Thank you

That right there is one boner worthy art work you done there

awesome work!


Thank you

Amazing work! I don't play videogames anymore, but I have fond memories of the long & amusing hours playing that great game. Diablo is a classic!


It sure is. Thanks for looking



Thank you