How will you be using Vice Industry Token?


So how will you be using the new Vice Industry Token platform ?

Will you be a content producer?

Will you be a Witness?

Are you an investor or speculator?

I want to hear from you regarding what your plans are for this Adult Industry disruptor.

As for me, I'm an investor and entrepreneur that will be working with content producers to trade votes.



I'm unlikely to ever use it but I think I'm glad it exists XP

I know you're secretly a massive investor in the project, you can tell me no one else will know ;)

but yes, its certainly not a big draw card for many people here, but a lot of other people will be drawn to crypto because of this, just like how we were drawn to steemit to write stuff.

Yes, that's why I think I'm glad it exists :) I actually was glad it existed but then I think of all the things that could go wrong (like all the things that are going "wrong" with bitchute and here) but I'm still glad because sometimes you have to roll with good ideas and hope and work on stupidity getting weeded out because that's better than a good idea not happening at all because ERMAGERD CHANGE.

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