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Hey guys,

Sorry I haven't got the next web app lesson out just yet, As you have probably seen I've been busy helping to create blockdeals.org which has been a big project over the last month. If you haven't seen it yet check out blockdeals.org.


The site is a bargain/deals/coupon site where you can post any deals you find online for other people to use! Then because it's running on Steem, you can get rewarded for finding those deals :D.

I will have the Javascript lesson up this week :)

Thanks for reading!


Great work on blockdeals - I think it's a great move. Have you had much to do with REACT code?

Thanks, Bec!

A little, I am currently doing a react course actually haha. Seems like the right framework to be getting into these days :P

That’s what I’ve heard too ( I only just learnt about it today). That and micro services. I had a crash course in the type of architechture I need today and my head is still spinning!

Tkae a look at udemy if you're interested in really high-quality courses that are really cheap, I'm talking $15. Its a great site.

Thanks @dealsy! I'll check it out!

Great work. You guys prove that buisness applications can also be made on the STEEM blockchain. Great job.

Thanks vimukthi, that was our plan :D

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