Melbourne Meetup Tomorrow!!!!!

in teamaustralia •  9 months ago

Hey everyone. Just a reminder that our next Melbourne Meetup is tomorrow (Sunday 25 Feb at 3pm). I'm looking forward to seeing you there.

Where? Father's Office bar ( 249 Little Lonsdale Street (QV Building). We will be in the bar rather than the restaurant. Look for a Steemit sign. I will be aiming for a spot outside (to the right from the entry stairs) if I can get it.
When? Sunday 25 February from 3pm.
Who? Melbourne Steemit members. Please re-steem and invite anyone you think might be interested.

Also, if you haven't already, you can join our site to stay up to date with Melbourne events:


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Sounds like a fun day! I'm hosting a Meetup in my area next month, hopefully it goes over just as well.

Enjoy guys! I'll hopefully see you all in the next one. Looking forward to any photo/videos you guys post of it :)

Bummed out for missing this one. ..whole fam is sick



Get well soon. Hopefully see you at the next one.

😭 I have to cover someone at work last minute. I hoe you all have a wonderful time! See you next time! Love Lali xx

Out in the deck by the steemit sign. Go right from the top of the stairs.

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