Nice to hear from you bugged. I did the same thing and found out a couple of hours too late for this.

Project is going really well. Hoping to hire a CTO soon so that’s a good sign. (Whence why I have no time for steemit)

I read the whitepaper and it really does sound like it was written by a software engineer. I like the ideas but they are probably 20-40 years ahead of their time and too complex for modern mainstream voters IMHO.

Do you have a Position Description for your CTO role? I worked in IT for years down here and I might know someone who would be interested.

I agree they are ahead of their time - but I feel like that’s kind of the idea. They are trying to disrupt the system more so than be the solution. (Or flux the system - I guess that’s why they chose the name.)

As far as the CTO role - No formal position description yet, but I can put together some thoughts and send it to you for you to check out.

No worries. Discord is probably the best way to get me at the moment if you want to send me some informal stuff. I've sent you a DM.