TIL: Wheelie bins make a good makeshift rain gauge

in teamaustralia •  last year

In true Australian fashion of extreme weather events, today, after months of drought, we had torrential downpours and even a tornado. I was out all day doing some work and then taking shelter at my brother's-in-law.

It was bin day today. I came home to find the wheelie bin half full of water.


Seems we had over 450 mm of rain since this morning. When it rains, it pours!


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Looks like you had a few drops...

Ha I tend to do this by being lazy in bringing the bin in, amazing the amount of rainfall we had in South Aus this winter.

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Hi @Brendio,

I'm @joshua-golbuu, or Josh for short and I just joint @TeamAustralia / #TeamAustralia a few week ago (I moved from the islands of Micronesia to Australia to study and live here).

I just wanted to drop a note to say hello. When I saw that water level I totally know what you mean, I'm here in Qld and it was pouring like crazy (like cats and dogs) especially the last month. I didn't know it was also happening elswhere in Australia, so thanks for sharing.

Currently, I don't have many recent post because I just finish my last exam yesterday, but I very much like to get to know everyone in our team. Hope we will meet on Steemit.

Here is my re-intro with more details: https://steemit.com/teamaustralia/@joshua-golbuu/from-micronesia-to-australia-my-journey-re-introducing-myself-to-teamaustralia-and-to-everyone-in-steemit-after-my-exams

Peace ✌ & 💖 love!


Upvoted this post for that impressive amount of water you can now recycle by pouring on your plants and trees....also you bin looks just like the green one here, just wondering if all bins in Australia looks the same :)