Democracy (Mob Mentality) and Why It Will Never Work In Our Current System

in teamaustralia •  4 months ago

Yo yo my Steemies, wattup?

On tonight's vlog, I talk about our current western system of democracy, or democrazy.

I talk about how I feel it can never really work, while the ideals that the masses are fed, are controlled by a very few, media magnates.

Finally, as food for thought, I ask if the current Steemit model on the blockchain, could be the foundational basis, for a new system.

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Re: the expert on TV, I've noticed that pattern too. One example I noticed was when they had a vaccine "debate" on TV. They had a doctor who was pro vaccination, and then when it came time to hear the opposite side there was a battling single mum with her kids. They asked her why she decided not to vaccinate. She said "Well... people have their opinions and ah... it's a personal choice."

I like to post little propaganda tips like that on Facebook sometimes to try to prime people's minds, so they know that when a pattern like that comes up, it's actually a classic trick. It does make you wonder how people avoid being scammed when so many fall for these really basic tricks.


That's why we have what we have. The majority are scammed. The 80/20 rule again. You have trouble comprehending the situation, because you're in the 20%. The 80% though, just think you're crazy :)

howdy today @bobaphet! there you go again, teaching more truth.
your food for thought is a very healthy diet!
Love the 80-20 rule, that certainly fits with Western governments. where 80 percent are the Sheeple.
Now I'm going to be looking at the news media set ups where they have a professional looking person and then show a bummy looking one for the opposing view. great post sir bobaphet!
is Australia becoming more liberal?


Thanks @janton.
Is Australia becoming more liberal? That would depend on the definition of liberal.
What we get as liberal, in government, and what is portrayed as liberal by the media, is not what you find in the dictionary haha.
So again, the sheeple vote liberal, because they think liberal is good, but what we get is something else.
Check out the short youtube clip that @camuel linked in his comment to this post :)


yes sir I watched that video..ha! it's so true. Everybody gets what nobody wants.
that's most Western governments today. Most are sliding toward socialism.
is that your take? I only know about the U.S and what I hear of Brittain.


I don't know about sliding anywhere, I think we're knee deep in fascism already HAHA.

The idea that elected government is in charge is becoming more and more ridiculous. The populace is waking up, but it will be baby steps. I had a great discussion with a friend of mine about just this kind of thing a couple of weeks ago. Philosophically democracy is a good thing, but as soon as you add human emotion into it, particularly greed, it's going to tip over. I'm just curious as to how that greed will play out in blockchain tech.

You might enjoy this clip from what I consider to be one of the best TV shows ever made, Auf Wiedersehen, Pet!
Democracy explained


Hahaha, That was brilliant. Everybody gets what nobody wants.
That's gold :)

Interesting stuff and maybe using blockchain tech to reach consensus could be worth exploring. It is obvious that the current lot - in any country aren't capable of doing the job and a big part of this is that the system is broke.


On the contrary, the system isn't broke, it's working perfectly. For its benefactors ^^

Nice post
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