Honesty Box Goods


Who new the chicken place sold more than just eggs?! We’ve driven past a free range chickens a lot over the years and for the first time we decided to stop and buy some eggs. They were out off eggs, but it didn’t stop me spending a small fortune!

The baskets on the left are usually filled with eggs, and there are empty cartons on the right so you can pack your own dozen. But there we all kinds of other goodies there too... Chutneys and honey, locally made lip balm and even raw honeycomb! (Yum!)

I think I’ll have to stop off for “eggs” on the Alpine Way more often!


How cool is that! Ran into a little gold mine.

Recently sampled lemon honey at a small store about 30 miles west. We are going back cause now I have decided how I can use it. I would like to drizzle it on a chocolate or lemon cake and dip my vanilla wafers in it.

They had cinnamon honey and several others as well. As an added extra.... the maple fudge is a winner as well. That I bought. Killer.

Maple fudge sounds amazing!!