Clarke Family Prank Wars - heating up.

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The boys have been watching too much youtube and wanted to start a prank war with Dad.

Henry and I kicked it off by greasing up the front door handle for Matt to find on his way home from work at 1am.
I heard him find it and enjoyed his colourful commentary very much.

Matt retaliated by pre-pouring Henry's cornflakes and milk, keeping them in the freezer overnight for safe keeping.

From there it escalated.
Henry recruited Fletcher and I, with Fletch coating Dad's teaspoon with toothpaste, which minted up his morning coffee.

I was putting Evelyn to bed when Fletcher wanted my upmost attention; telling me about the super secret prank war he was planning, forcing me to pinky swear not to tell Matt.

Turns out they'd switched from youtube to survivor, as I found my own bedroom door handle toothpasted up the next morning.

I don't take betrayal lightly


Matt and I concocted the best prank in the history of the Clarke household.

After cooking a scrumptious silverside, we decided to "cook" our turtle, Franklin in the slow cooker.
Shame to waste all those cloves and bay leaves.

It took a couple of tries to get the colour right, and we ultimately chose to keep his legs and chop off his head, but the end result was pretty convincing, masked by the condensation on the lid and the murky water.

They're smart boys, so we had to kick it off by talking about the man coming to buy our aquarium.
We did it from separate rooms so I could keep Evelyn away and to justify calling out to each other loudly enough to get the boys' attention.

I'll sleep with one eye open tonight.

Power on,

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😂😂 I read this late last night and was too tired to reply. You guys 🤣🤣 hilarious. I look forward to Clarke Family Pranks updates 😂


I went to use our cleaning spray and thought... hmmm.... I don't remember it being pink (despite being in a pink spray bottle)....hmmm....the kids had put red food dye in it! Ugh 🤣


Bahaha!! I couldn’t live with that 😂😂 always having to watch my back!!

Ohhhhh my! I don’t think sleeping with one eye open is going be enough. They will plotting for weeks to get revenge!


Hehehe my thoughts exactly


Maybe a brother team building exercise 🤣


Oh my...looool. You guys are the real team 3D. To think so much efforts could be invested in pranking one another.

The last one was epic but... I declare the kids winners of the prank wars for that grease trick...neat

hey @amandaclarke.

This gets high marks for ingenuity and creativity. Plus excellent acting. :) I am all in favor of giving boys (at least) as much grief as possible, especially when they're prone to giving it to you. :)

I'm just wondering what you're going to do about the inevitable escalation. You two raised the bar pretty high. :)

Omg !

Thank God I read through. I would have thought it was real turtle 😭😭😭😭

Henry really looks like Matt, hey 😊


Yes everyone says he's a mini Matt lol

That’s awesome.
Toothpaste or butter in Matt’s shoes may or may not be a good idea 😏

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Fletcher has already suggested the idea of putting slime in dads slippers 🤣


Love it.

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Fantastically heart wrenching and amusing at the same time!! Sooo creative, love the team effort too, makes it extra believable. What a relief that Franklin wasn't actually dinner.


There is no way I'd eat turtle lol
I'm not a big meat eater but I won't even eat kangaroo 🤣 Matt will try anything so it made it believable lol


It was such a golden moment! You two could start a sitcom, supreme acting skills

omg, that is hilarious!! Your oldest son was so sad cuddling up to you @mattclarke, nothing beats a lil family fun prank war.


He was just quietly muttering, 'please be a prank, please be a prank'.
I was actually pretty relieved when his brother called it, didn't want to drag it on much longer, started feeling a bit sorry for 'em :)

Funny as all get out! You folks know ow to have fun! Thanks for sharing.


😂😂😂 appears you know whats coming

I'm not sure I could do the turtle one. We've got to many animals actually dying for that to go down well here! 😨

Ahh I love these stories, nice work!

This is such a cute story almost makes me want to have kids!!!

Lord have mercy on the turtle. .

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ahaha sleep with one eye open;))
kids can make our life SO bright that we cant sleep at all;))

wonderful turtles;))