Hello Steemians"This Is My Introduction To You All"

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My names are mr David Kamau Karuah @davidkaruah and am a newbie on this platform,I got to know Steemit through a friend of mine called mr Jarau Moses @jaraumoses in mid August.Before i continue any further this is a photo of myself looking gigantic awsome like a fellow who is ready for a serious mission here on this steemit blockchain network. kamau.jpg
Now let me continue from where i had stop as i may say when i got to learn of steemit immediately i didn't hesitate quickly i joined,As per now it has almost been a month and a week since i joined steemit but surprisingly i have been able to acquire a good number of followers to say so that is 243 followers,a reputation score of 46 and a good amount of steem power steem dollar as well.This is a clear indication that Steemit Blockchain Network is the future to go with since there is a benefit for all,Since this is the only social media i have encounter in my life that an individual is paid to post and comment whereas in other social media platforms the whole profit goes to owners or founders of that particular social media.Also an individual is given an opportunity to mine with his mind and come up with a unique content that will inspire the rest of the community positively indeed this is a great encounter guys isn't.
On the other side of myself i am a student at Uganda Christian University located in mukono central Uganda,I am currently pursuing Entrepreneurship and Information Technology this university is a private institution and moreover one of the best universities according to the the lastest universities rankings here in East Africa.I have been studying in Uganda since my A -levels even though i am a Kenyan by nationality and here is a photo of one of the elegant buildings at main campus. cover.jpg
I do have quiet a number of interests within me as an individual like going out and be together with friends and family while having a good time and enjoying myself like in this photo you can see me releasing myself been to the fullest and letting it go anyway.DSC_0335.JPG
Something else i do like eating alot infact to me eating is a hobby since i do believe a good balanced diet meal keeps the doctor away for a while or isn't it anyway eating is part of live like what i am upto here.DSC_0031.JPG
Also i do listen to music as well as watching movies and technology video clips since i am a technology enthusiast and when it comes to adventure i am a frog of that river as well not to forget to mention that reading motivational,fiction science,political,biography and autobiography books and novels and as a result thats why i am here on steemit so that i can nurture my authorship skills.
Lastly but not the least i will say expect alot from me since Steemit is a platform that has given us an opportunity to mine our minds and come up with a good content that will inspired the rest of the community positively,so i will not be specific on what to write about because i am very diverse, all three photos are my original photos taken by my friends digital camera.


Welcome to Steem @davidkaruah I have upvoted and sent you a tip

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Thank you son much @steemitboard i do appreaciate so much .

A new Steemian :-) hello @davidkaruah I hope you enjoy your time here, its a great community ! Nice post, wish you much luck! I will follow your account. Don't hesitate to contact or follow me at any time :-) See you around @tradewonk

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