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We all tend to see teachers as the people that teach us the things we need to get us through what life as to offer, but makes a great teacher?

  • Caring
    A great teacher is willing to listen actively and always concerned for the wellbeing of pupils not just for the time they are in class but also out of school hours, going that extra mile to ensure success.

  • Fairness and Respect
    Great teaches will show the respect and treat all pupils equally.

  • Learners
    Great teachers should always be ready to learn and take time to attain the knowledge required for each individual students needs.

These are just a few qualities and there are many more

If you are a teacher or have an opinion Id love to hear them

Please comment below

Thanks for your time

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Also should a teacher be calm and explain very good so everyone understands the topic. In addition a teacher should be a person of trust. You spend so much time with them. In school you are sometimes talking much more to teachers and students than with your parents. So teachers have a big influence on your development!

Have a nice day!


yes for sure, thank you for you comment

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