Teachers and Politicians are Red Flags

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If you are good at something then you practice it in a way that your skill will grow. You become one with it. This is a very well known fact for anybody that has been passionate about their practice.

Trying to convince others about your skills either through teaching or politics signals failure. Exceptions to this rule are teachers who already made a sizable impact on their domain and then went to teaching while keep evolving outside of academia. These people though are the rare exceptions to the rule.

Politics is a much clearer case. In politics you are basically trying to convince the herd that your cause is just. These are the same people who believe in angels, that corona beer is dangerous, that magic exists. A politician wins when they convince the most morons to support their cause. It takes a special kind of person to do that. For one, it has to be spineless and devoid of any self respect other than being admired or having power for the sake of being admired or having power.

A world class athlete joins politics or teaching only after they had a very successful career. A famous artist doesn’t begin teaching in the classroom. His work draws attention and then teaching might come as a closing epilogue to their career. It never becomes a career itself. The reason teaching in so many domains has become so popular is mostly due to the monetization of academia.

Teaching and Politics are stagnant practices with no real challenge. The audience is almost always naive minds that can accept any kind of information easily. In politics, the people want something to gain. They both know very little about the subject to challenge the transmitter.

In our age, teaching and politics have become a weapon for indoctrination. The government has taken over control of education. Teachers followed. They both work together to empower the system and not to advance knowledge. This is why you often find them obsessed with rules, laws and policies. It’s about control, not freedom.

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This is not exactly correct, and will make understanding what has happened / will happen difficult.

A group of people, Trilateral Commission, Rock-e-person, Rots-children set out to get people to think the way they wanted them to.

First they tried to get the historians to teach their version... the historians said to stuff it.

So then they started their own colleges, taught the professors their new history.

And then the created the school oversight system, whereby they started building schools, and then enticed schools to join for donations. Then they got the govern-cement to make it official

and now you have the govern-cement (but really its still the Trilateral Commission) runs the schools.

I agree about attempting to convince. I work in physical therapy and if I did that it wouldn't be wise. I've seen others do that and it makes them appear as though they are questioning themselves therefore the clients/ patients feel less confidence in their therapist

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