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Teacher: segeluulu !
Segeluulu: Yes ma !
Teacher: What do you want to become when you grow up ?
Segeluulu: I want to be a drug trafficker; I'll smuggle drugs from Dubai into china , I'll kill anyone that comes my way, I'll build mighty edifices in Malaysia, Indonesia and Paris, I'll get married early and buy a private jet for my wife If she requests for 1million , I'll give her 10million .
Teacher: Will you shutup! stupid boy! Sitdown my friend, you don't know anything. Gloria, standup and tell the class what you want to become when you grow up .
Gloria:I'll like to be segeluulu's wife
Teacher: 🙆🏻♂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂cant stop laughin JOKE OF THE DAY

A carpenter was travelling to the next town with a coffin in his car. His car broke down so he decided to carry the coffin.
As he was walking, he got to a police barrier and the police wanted to take a bribe...
Police: "Hey young man why are u carrying a coffin by this time?"
CARPENTER (responded): "Sir, I don't like where I was buried
so I am relocating".
come and see speed... 🏃🏃🏃🏿‍♀
Fools, all u know is bribe#####.

Put a smile on ur friends face by sharing this with them, don't keep it. 😂😂 🙄....Have a nice dayFB_IMG_14862898323185095.jpg

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Thank you for the jokes. The first one is great!