Who says teacher's life is boring?

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Hello friends! Just wanna share my happy moments with you. This should have been my ulog post but no longer fresh so just posted as history, lol! After weeks of preparation, the first quarterly exam was finally over and teacher's face should have been bent on computing grades and forms, lots of forms.

Yet, a day right after the exam was our school intramurals. On day one was the student's activities where teachers could be found the hardest and the faculty room was the loneliest!. We were spread to different sports events ensuring not just fun but most importantly safety for students. (I'll just spare another post for the student's category, though not so soon.)

But look at those faces, never a trace of worry on meeting deadlines... aja!

A day to its fullest! Laughing as if there is no more tomorrow, haha!

Those were the faces after being declared as the champion team. But how about a peep on how the games were actually played?

Here, can you imagine doing a sack race on a stony ground?

The unbeatable teachers doing sack race on a stony ground!

That was actually a hard fight... real hard! Someone even took off his shoes that caused their team to lose... hahaha! He wasn't able to survive and imagine the blame? It was the fiercest!

Another game was on "Maria went to town" for males only. Because of the eagerness to win one even went on walking with his eyes coverd, yet the team still won! power!!!(laughter overload!)

Maria went to town for males only

There were actually more games, but this one was award-winning. The "basag palayok" whose participants were the selected shortest among the team. (bullying at its best! Lol)

"Basag Palayok"

Look that those "evil whisperers" hahaha! You couldn't actually hear your "angel team mate" because the bad ones were at their loudest!... and to hit the pot seems 200%+ impossible!

There was never a dull moment during those time. Those funniest hard time whose routine were just around these three... stumble, stand up and laugh!



To me teacher's life is sweet and lively,i enjoyed teaching too. Nice games there

two thumps up my friend😅... you have all the life in teaching. At a moment you are angry, in a second you'll be laughing then serious again, hahaha.... emotion overload.
Thanks for dropping by

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The life of the teacher is not boring at all. This is demonstrated by the photographs.

haha, picture has lots of story to tell, but pics here point to only one... it was real fun!

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Teaching young kids is my passion and I guess teaching is actually fun. You get to meet cute and innovative children with their brains filled with different ideas.

Hi @preetika am glad you love kids too. They don't just have brains filled with different ideas, they often insist their ideas to be always correct hahaha... and to disagree means real battle to win! By the way thanks for visiting my post dear.

Exactly. They even have their own stories to prove their points.

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