Making tea

in tea •  2 years ago

This afternoon I decided to make some more iced tea.
I put some water (about an inch, or two cm, deep) on the stove to boil, lit the burner, and a few minutes later noticed some kind of white foam on top of the water that I'd never seen before. I scooped out as much as I could, but it wasn't supposed to be there, and I don't know what caused it or even what it was. I tried boiling some more water, in a different pot. The foam started again, but not as much as before. I turned the stove off, then dumped out and washed thoroughly the first pot I used. Then I tried again: added water, boiled it. This time, no foam; completely normal. I kept the foam, maybe I'll do something with it later or show it to someone for their opinion.
After the water started boiling, I turned the stove off, added four tea bags (English Breakfast Tea by Twinings of London), let them steep for a few minutes (in fact, I forgot about them; Facebook does that to me), then spooned them out of the water and added about three fourths of a cup of sugar ("azúcar estándar"), turned the burner back on, stirred it until all the sugar was dissolved, turned the stove off, poured the mix into a 5-liter bottle, and topped off the bottle with more water.
Voilà! Iced tea!
Even ordinary activities can surprise you.

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