Tea Is A Blessing for Whatever Ails Your Body or Mind or Soul

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For those times you feel blah, but not bad enough to go see a doctor, there is a cure in dried leaves and flowers and herbs infused with hot water for 6 minutes, extracting the healing properties from them and giving you a joyful beverage that is a flavorful, fragrant, thirst quenching and delicious tea!

Tea Can Repair the Damage in Your Body and Mind and Soul

If you strained your muscles during a vigorous workout, there is healing recovery tea. If you can’t get to sleep at night, there is calming sleep ease tea. If, like me you feel like you need a little magic in your life, there is fairytale tea. If you have are going through menopause and have hot flashes, there is flashes tea. If you have muscle spasms or slow digestion, fennel tea offers relief.

Transformative Fairytale Tea

This one’s my favorite. It is a a The package says it is an infusion that can be ”enjoyed by fairies of all ages”. This blend is full of flowers and fairy magic, with a little hint of mint. This refreshing compliment to story time can be sipped both hot and cold.” Spearmint, lavender, lemon, thyme, calendula flowers, cammomile flowers, all from fair trade plantations, plucked at their seasonal peak.

tea 001.JPG
A selection of organic teas packaged at a local business sourced from a fair trade plantation

Tea is Nature In a Cup

One teaspoon of this magic infused in a cup of boiling water for 6 minutes is a power packed drink of antioxidants and anti-inflamatory freshness. It is a perfect compliment to story time, because it is locally packaged with care and gives you the benefits of health which adds to your story. It smells incredible as you raise the cup to your lips, and it clears any dryness in your throat.

Tea is a Celebration Unto Itself

You can have a high tea, with fancy sweets fit for the queen on china cake plates.

You can have a Japanese zen tea celebration featuring powdered matcha tea, along with sweets to balance the bitterness of the tea.

My son and his girlfriend brought me this can of green tea from their trip to China, the cup is from their previous trip to the Eiffel Tower in Paris

You Can Bask In The Love of Tea

Tea can improve your low mood, or elevate your high one. You can feel the love when you sit down and mindfully enjoy your cup of tea. Hot tea on a hot day produces a sweat that cools you in the breeze. Listening to soft music, and feeling its’ healing properties running through your body, and seeing the juices of the beautiful flowers and leaves blossoming in your body, and knowing that they were grown for your experience and cared for by so many hands before they reached yours. An infusion of the eternal love of nature.

You can prepare the tea in a beautiful china pot or a favorite earthenware cup, perhaps a souvenir from a beloved memory, or a gift from a friend. Your longing for your friends company will be erased with the curative drink, whose fragrance will make it feel like they are having tea with you. The first birthday gift I ever remember receiving was a child's mini ceramic tea set, to have a tea party at the table with.

Tea is an experience that you will never forget. It is not an addiction, but a blessing! It is a purifying, clarifying tonic to be savored and enjoyed. It is medicine for the soul. Love Annie the tea grannie xo

photo of heart from Pixabay, all other photos are my own.


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Cool initiative thanks for the invite!

Looking forward to meet you that side.

tea is amazing, tea is tasty
no doubt about it,
i can even shout it
until the streets are crowded
yes yes, the beverage is terrific
no one flavor in specific
just in general, a one and all fix-it

Fairytale tea!!! Sounds like something we all should have!! Just looking at your pictures of tea is calming.
Here is a funny thing about me and tea. I love to drink it! When others make it for me. If I am doing the fixing, 70% of the time, it will be coffee.
Don't know what it is...
visiting you from the alliance :)

Thanks lovely freewrite lady! It's something grannie would serve you in a teacup isn't it? Part of my Irish/English roots? Thanks for visiting. The alliance rocks!!

I love it!! We always had beautiful dishes and coffee and tea for afternoon invites. My former sister in law had a tea shop and was so into it. And I love to drink it. Actually, when I have an event or class at my house, I typically make tea from herbs in my garden and everybody just loves it.
But if it is only me, coffee wins every time - or something like pero or dandelion root. I like the bitterness too much, I guess...

Tea is a real ceremonial thing. Coffee is delicious, but more informal! :)

I drink ice tea a lot. But this looks so enticing especially with all the different things it can do for the human body and mind. Thanks for sharing @annhoyblog

You can put it in the fridge and make iced tea too and still have all the medicinal effects!

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