BTC predictions

in #tdayg33 years ago

#BTC support at $7000-$6500-$6000

We are still bullish on #BTC

5- Reason 👇

1- #USA Senate meeting on 14th feb they are in support of #BTC at the moment

2- 16th feb end of Lunar new year Asian investment will come after this period

3- Robin hood USA leading stock exchange more than 30 million user will introduce #CRYTPO
To its platform in the month of #FEBRUARY

4- #BITCOIN and #ZCL Hardfork on 28th #FEBRUARY

5- Almost all fud is done Korea fud China fud , India fud , Usdt fud

We are almost done with these bad news .We are in the situation where market is not doing good at the moment but it’s not only happing with bitcoin or crypto market all other stocks market are down every years the first 2 months are down for every market because of tax things

Trust crypto market you can’t even imagine crypto will recover faster just #HOLD


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