TCASH token for etherflyer

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TCASH is an ERC20 token, a smart contract that works with the Ethereum blockchain. The cryptocurrency application song will be an online exchange platform supported by a mobile application ensuring its portability. 

The stakes are high with the existing platforms already established, but to answer that, TCASH surrounds itself with several assets!

The TCASH token is a revenue-generating cryptocurrency that allows homeowners to receive revenue equal to 50% of the transaction fee charged by the Etherflyer system for cryptocurrency transactions.
Earnings (in ETH) will be transferred to a "pool" where token holders will be able to withdraw their dividends weekly. The interest will be generated by the charges when cryptocurrency transactions supported by Etherflyer will be made on the platform.

Start Date: 24th  November  2017 13:00 GMT

Token ICO Price : 1 ETH = 2000

TCASH CROWD SALE hard cap: 20,000 ETH

Maximum Token Offered : 52,800,000

TCASH is Ethereum Token for EtherFlyer Exchange.



Exchange server source code EtherFlyer is the fully released under the terms of the MIT license. 

Focus on Ethereum-based tokens

The aim of the exchange is that anyone can act to allow Ethereum based tokens.

High-Performance Order Matching Engine

 Order matching engine can use technique tens of millions of orders with sub-millisecond latency. 

The decentralized order book

This new order book and the deterministic nature of the agreements Ethereum bring much-needed transparency to exchanges.TEAM cryptocurrency

T. Xue, Ph.D, CEO, and Founder

Experience in the fields of mathematics, computer science and business investment and entrepreneurs with experience in advising, consulting and solutions that improve the efficiency of new companies, and organizations.

O. Ho, Ph.D Economics, M Finance, Chief Strategy Officer

managed budget, financial model, reports and presentation equipment. He is a business professional with over 10 years of experience and expertise in quantitative data analysis/statistics, M & A, financial reporting and management and economic analysis with practical experience in leading listed companies.

K. Yu, Lead Technology Developer

Extra than 15 years of revel in developing web programs, internet, and solution structure layout platform labored at a web company as CTO. Responsible for building the architecture design and development platform EtherFlyer in close cooperation with the team.  

J. Wang, Back-end Developer

Greater than 15 years of experience in software improvement and structure of the solution. Spent in the commercial offerings marketplace in Japan most of his profession developing answers. Responsible for the design and construction of original contracts for core trading engine.  

O. Zhan, Marketing Coordinator

Blockchain enthusiast and believes in the future of this technology. Those responsible for promoting EtherFlyer are moving forward and helping more people to trade on the platform.

W. J. Ding, Data Analyst

The experts in machine learning and pattern recognition. They have real project experience in processing and analyzing large amounts of data and create predictive models with advanced machine learning algorithms such as NN, SVM, decision trees, driving/ensemble methods, clustering and online learning. Good programming skills such as Java, Scala and JS.






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