Throwback Thursday to this painting called “Time for Oneness”

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I did this in 2010 for a reggae artist called @jahsuncali . I feel a lot of the problems of the world stem from the division between ourselves as humans. The “powers that be” have succeeded to “divide an conquer”. We separate from our human family based on sex, race, religion, culture, country, preferred sports team, trump supporter/trump haters, etc, etc.

Humanity is beautiful because of its diversity, it would be so boring if everyone looked the same, believed the same, etc. But let’s unite and make this a better place for everybody! Can we agree we all just want to be happy? Can we make it that everybody gets their basic needs met, so we don’t have to live in stress? Have food to eat, clothes to wear, place to live in, good health. The resources for this are available, it’s just distributed unequally, and that is because we are divided. There is fear that one side could rake from the other side, so we hog stuff and build walls to protect it. We have to start seeing ourselves in our brothers and sisters, so that the energy between us can flow and create this nice happy n harmonious world we all want inside. InI! #oneness #oneworld #onerace #onegod #onetribe #oneheart #onelove #throwbackthursday #tbt #painting #jahsun #unity

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Hey! Haven't seen you in a while :D Nice to see a post from you~ Love the colours and design <3 Wonderful piece :) Your style has remained true to such positivity even from 2010!


Glad to be back!

Love the interplay of so much diverse religious iconography!

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