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There’s something poetic about this — that Facebook heard about a new app before the millennial/Gen Z’er has.
But when Facebook buys an app that doesn’t even have an Android version yet (I guess I didn’t miss out on anything — I’d still be waiting if I knew about it), you have to pay attention.

Coming soon to your middle-schooler’s phone? Facebook’s newest acquiree, tbh, is a new social app that is aimed at bringing positivity to social gossip for teens, isn’t even running in all 50 states yet.

From what I gather from the website, they add people by schools? I’m always fascinated by how pages like Sarahah and ask.fm get crazy popular when people “want feedback”. It lets people tap in to the juicy nature of gossip, and apparently Facebook saw enough to jump in early on tbh, to the tune of “something under $100 million”. There’s certain potential here, but will it just be a fad that people delete once their iPhones run out of storage?

tbh, I don’t really know how to react (sad reacts only), but tbh, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.
The reality check for me is that as a millennial, missing out on what the young-folk now do is a MySpace moment — maybe all the things we grew up with will be going wayside; I’m now going to be the butt of jokes of the old crowd that still is using Facebook to send pictures and post memes in groups. Time for me to go cry to friends I’ve never met on AIM, oh wait…

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