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in #taxes5 years ago

thanks @jesta

If one is not able to run the script (as you say does not have the knowledge) who should we turn to? Is there a way I could have you/someone run it for me in exchange for some SBD?

Just to chip in here, and this not tax advice based on what I could find - In the US, we pay income tax on our Steemit rewards (at the time of redemption into our wallet) and we pay capital gain tax on the difference when we sell STEEM or SBD for BTC or any other coin or fiat (assuming the coin appreciated).


I didn't want to offer to run it for people (in fear that I'd get inundated with requests), but if you'd like I can run it quick for ya. Just let me know which account(s) you need, and no SBD necessary ;)

i am contacting you on steemit chat. I missed your message here, @jesta my apologies

@jesta how can we get in touch now that steemitchat is out?

Steem works! :)

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