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Best regards. I've been following your vids along with a growing group of men and the LP is about to grow like wildfire. We must first purge it of corruption though! Cleaning house and starting over might be the best idea and we can still use the party infrastructure that is still in place.
@fundposhprincess, we need to be Skyping with this brilliant young man

yes. I caught wind of one of his postings on his YT channel last night. Excellent presentation of the Lauren Southern saga. [email protected] Tom: Where are you living now?

Thank you, I greatly appreciate your support. Although I am weary of party affiliation, as institutions are easily compromised, I would be more than happy to help spread the principles of liberty as I understand them in relation to natural law. I would be very interested in Skyping with you, discussing the events facing America in the past, present, and future; and brainstorming strategies to make meaningful change. I am currently located on Long Island.

We are all weary of party affiliation, it has been mucked up for so long and turned into a joke. I've only become more cynical and disgusted with the political system the older I get. I'm sure @fundposhprincess can relate to that more than I.

I called that accent! LOL I'm originally from Stewart Manor. Where are you? And more important: Met or Yankee fan? LOL Let's 3way Skype and we'll fill you in on the plan(s) which do not all center on any party involvement. Plenty of simultaneous activity will be in the works. Something for everyone to enjoy while making hay. The time is NOW to apply the principles of liberty, not just talk about them!!! Shoot me an email: [email protected]

Yankees of course ! I just sent you an email from [email protected]

yes. Got it. And for the record, fellow Steemits who are NOT from the tri-state area: If he said Met fan, there would be no hope for the boy...........................

Best thing to do is leave the USA and establish residency in Panama or other tax-havens like Saint Kitts. Most of the crypto and gamblers are based in these locales.

It takes a very wise person to have the foresight to prepare an exit strategy for when/ if governmental tyranny becomes to entrenched and suffocating to combat. It is something I have been considering now for the last year. What list of countries would you suggest?

Dominica might also be another one to look at, but those hurricanes might become an even bigger problem in the future.

What's your take on Belize?

Haven't looked into it too much, but McAfee's story in Belize is quite interesting. I think there is a movie on Netflix about that.

Convincing someone that taxation is theft, while they hold fast to the idea that one must submit to the will of a contrived majority might be the toughest sale known to mankind. For some reason, so many people believe that slavery only happens when we have one master over us with a whip. We need to hone in on that problem... and solve it. Assume we have a 60second opportunity to convince someone. Even Adam Kokesh can be a bit long-winded on this one, at times.

We should consider making a contest for the production of the best 30sec. and 60sec audio commercial for this purpose. ...and how to garner enough for a decent prize to motivate the most creative amongst us into action.

The society we live in today is not much different than Plato's Allegory of the Cave. The vast majority of people are so comfortable, so helplessly reliant on their servitude, that their greatest fear is achieving true liberty.

That's exactly what it is Tom! We have been duped into participating in the public "version" of government which is corporate and operating for the sole purpose of profit. The de jure government is the Republic and is private. It operates parallel to the corporate form. This is something that I'd like to discuss with you at length. Hopefully I can discuss these things with you at length.

You sound like just the type of outside the box thinkers that I am looking for. I just emailed fundposhprincess. I look forward to collaborating.

Sehr gut danke schön 🌷