The best argument a statist has

in taxation •  3 years ago 

Someone on FB made a post about Donald Trump and his "taxes", or lack thereof. People were piping up with all sorts of irrelevant tangents, avoiding the core issue.

So, as I try to consistently do, I made an inflammatory comment:

Me: "Taxation" is theft. I never want anyone to be robbed, and I never want government to have ANY money.

Some guy got his petticoats ruffled soon after I posted:

Him: Taxation is not theft. Never has been, in a democratic society. Every argument you make after saying that is immediately discredited

Wow. That is so convincing! Ha ha!

Me: Why not post something other than an assertion which ignores the definitions of both "theft" and "taxation"? video link

So, he came back with a killer rebuttal:

Him: Why post stupid comments no rational person, including our founders believes? Your statement was stupid rhetoric and I said so. Deal with it.

Ah well. Let him have his beliefs. We have to respect every belief, right?

Me: Denial is so cute. That's OK honey. You just go on believing that legislation can magically turn wrong into right. I guess you have to get moral direction from somewhere.

Statists are so silly. And delusional. And devoid of decency.

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