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Rubio was one of my preferred candidates in the 2016 Republican primaries - but his policies since the election have proven we dodged a bullet when he was demolished by Trump.

The latest bit of Rubio insanity is his "Corporate Investment Program":

"Republican Senator Marco Rubio is on a crusade to compel corporations to prioritize long-term growth over quarterly profits."

The sheer arrogance of a mere mortal who decides he has superior wisdom over all others and knows the best way for individuals or corporations to use their hard-earned dollars. Politicians have proven over and over again that their "wisdom" simply leads to misallocated resources which in turn reduces the total wealth (included the part of total wealth that the less well off share in) created.

This follows his contribution to the 2017 where he was hell-bent on reducing the share of the population that pay income tax. There is a lot to be said to having everybody contribute to the cost of government, no matter how small that contribution is - if for no other reason then they will be a lot more concerned how the government spends/wastes their contribution.

Rubio should have hang up his boots in 2016 as he had initially planned. We are all going to be a lot worse off if he ever gets to implement his crazy policies.![rubio_sq_png.jpg]