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Hello steemits today i am going to write about Tau chain

What is Tau

Tau is a decentralized blockchain network intended to solve the bottlenecks inherent in large scale human communication and accelerate productivity in human collaboration using logic based Artificial Intelligence.

Currently, large scale discussions and collaborative efforts carried out directly between people are highly inefficient. To address this problem, we developed a paradigm which we call Human-Machine-Human communication: the core principle is that the users can not only interact with each other but also make their statements clear to their Tau client. Our paradigm enables Tau to deduce areas of consensus among its users in real time, allowing the network to boost communication by acting as an intermediary between humans. It does so by collecting the opinions and preferences its users wish to share and logically constructing opinions into a semantic knowledge base.

Able to deduce consensus and understand discussions, Tau can automatically generate and execute code on consensus basis, through a process known as code synthesis. This will greatly accelerate knowledge production and expedite most large scale collaborative efforts we can imagine in today's world

The internet of languages

There is no single best language for all purposes, which is the reason we're building the Tau Meta Language (TML): a language intended to define other languages and translate between them while maintaining the same information. TML allows seamless communication and semantic translation between programming languages, knowledge representation languages, visualization and organization formats, domain-specific languages, and more.

Scaling discussion

Discussions are a highly valuable social process of exchanging thoughts and opinions which can lead to inspiring fresh ideas and deducing new concepts. Currently, discussions on a large scale are highly inefficient: having a discussion among 500 people generally yields a less productive result than a discussion between 5 people. But what if we could not only listen to hundreds of people at once, but comprehend and process all this information in a useful way? By having Tau as an organizer in our Human-Machine-Human approach to communication, we can effectively summarize and query all discussed data in an efficient and comprehensible way, and, for the first time in history, allow discussions to accommodate for any number of participants while remaining productive. Having a x100 increase in discussion participants under Tau could, in theory, yield x100 more information utility and knowledge productivity.

Global knowledgeable

Once knowledge representation languages are defined under the TML, any user can freely submit opinions and ideas as logical predicates to their Tau client, or broadcast it to the Tau network, which combine to form a knowledge base. Users may in turn query this knowledge base and Tau will help them deduce the answers they seek. The production of knowledge heavily depends on the efficiency of discussions. Therefore, by resolving the bottleneck of large scale discussions, Tau can effectively greatly accelerate the production of all knowledge worldwide.

Accelerating and automating collaboration

Many worthwhile human undertakings depend on collaborative efforts. By expediting these efforts, we can effectively accelerate the development of our entire species. In addition to being able to scale discussions, Tau's decidable logical framework allows it to synthesize and execute code based on user specifications. Users can create their own teams under Tau to discuss and collaborate on a project with its own private knowledge base. After taking advantage of Tau's ability to scale discussions, teams can quickly reach a consensus on the specifications and Tau can automatically generate and execute code, according to those specifications

Real Time Social Choice

Forming a fair, comprehensive and efficient method of social choice has proven elusive in many fields. In large communities, deciding on which issues to vote on becomes unwieldy, leading to many important social topics and insights being ignored. Similarly, large organizations are often paralyzed in their inability to make important network wide choices, leading to low productivity and even failure. Tau introduces an innovative social choice mechanism: users only need to express their opinions in the form of logical predicates (using language defined over TML) posted on the network, enabling Tau knowledge base to be an aggregate of social preferences of every opinion of all its users. Together with the logical property of decidability and a novel consensus formula of ours, the social choice mechanism allows Tau to calculate things like the consensus on every topic expressed, regardless of how remote or esoteric the subject matter.

Thank you so much for reading ❤️

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