Are smaller denominations better for AGRS?

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Smaller vs larger denominations in crypto

The large denominations produce a different psychology (the psychology of scarcity). This has a problem though because if for example 1 ETH or 1 BTC is $1000 it does eventually begin to look like it's just for rich people. It begins to look to some in developing countries that it's just too expensive. On the other hand Ripple has smaller denominations and still has quite a high market cap regardless.

In the official documents, it is known that the Agora tokens currently being sold on exchanges are "intermediate tokens". There are going to be roughly 42 million intermediate tokens. When people look at it this way people might think the price of AGRS is high after a certain psychological barrier such as $100. At $100 using the intermediate tokens the market cap would be four billion two hundred million. In crypto this is not that high of a market cap and in tech thisis not so high. A tech company can easily reach a market cap of 4 billion and if we remember Snapchat had a market cap far beyond that.

In the case of Tauchain which the goal is to reveal to the world truly novel technological breakthroughs which provide for unique features then we can not predict where the high end for AGRS will be. What we can know is that the price looks vastly different if we look at it via intermediate tokens vs official Agora tokens. 147,000,000,000 tokens can exist according to Ohad.

So we do not sell Zennet coins anymore, and all previous buyers will get Agora, offering no less but much more technological and economical features. The current sale terms are as follows: From now on, we sell 50% of coins for approx $2M: The current price is $100 for 3.5 million (3,500,000) Agora coins, and will go up in 2% every week. Total number of coins is 147,000,000,000.

In this case the true number is 147 billion. These are Ripple like numbers. So a price of between 0.01 and 0.04 USD is per token is reasonable in a good market. The $1 range is if AGRS achieves similar to Bitcoin price success range. This in my opinion would be extremely optimistic. Ultimately no one can predict where the price could move and currently 1 true AGRS is less than a penny.

For people who did take the risk to buy Agora tokens at $100 to get 3.5 million? If it ever does reach $1 level (Ripple or Bitcoin scale success) then you folks are multi-millionaires in the making.

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Hey, thanks for another great article on Tauchain. As a FYI, according to The total number of coins is proposed to be ~92.2 Billion. ~1:2190


Perhaps internally different decisions will be made but the official document says what it says. Ohad can update when the time comes but the split will be happening.