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Today we have a premiere on Netflix. Tau is a film where an artificial intelligence seems to take control of a house and have some guys prisoners. Something that the film industry has accustomed us. It seems that if Artificial intelligences do not turn against their creators, productions will not succeed.

But my real intention today is to highlight the following chance.

In the community of Tau-chain we are about to see the new update of the web. We will see many news directly from the handwriting of Ohad Asor. among other things, a simulation of the future tau and a vibrant road map!

It is curious how the coincidences or synchronicities of the universe make us signals as if they were a beacon. Another coincidence is that yesterday the Tau day 28-06 was celebrated. What madness!

If you do not know the Tau-chain project, I warn you that sometimes reality surpasses science fiction and in this case for good.


this movie was pretty bad I have to say
not quite cringe worthy but a very inane plot that lacked any real tension

the tau project itself is awesome though. New website is out in a few days and hopefully a demo is not too far away

You're right @trafalgar, I did not like the movie very much either. But I did not expect much from the trailer either.

Seems quite interesting. I will watch the movie and i'm taking a look on the Programmable decentralized P2P network based on ontologies and reasoning (Tau-chain) :).

Last night I saw the movie and it has nothing to do with the tau project. It is an entertaining movie to pass the time. The tau project is about to release its website so in a few days you will see considerable changes

Tau-chain Has no waste !! thanks.

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