The vision of Tau-Chain, a blockchain based self-amending platform designed to scale human collaboration and knowledge building

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The Crypto-Currency Market

With the fluctuation in the price of Bitcoin, there are more voices claiming that the crypto-currency market is a bubble, warning investors about the risks of investing and possibly losing their funds. One of the claims is that virtual coins have no real value. However, by carefully studying this market, the potential investor will discover that some projects include technology, innovation, true vision and strong community, thus creating a fiscal value like that of other successful startup companies.

Today, it is difficult to predict which coin will secure a place among the top currencies on Coinmarketcap. There are large number of projects and buzz-words, used in fancy websites and white-papers, which make it challenging to extract the relevant information and make educated investments. In addition, there are projects that work “under-the-radar” and are very technical to comprehend, discouraging potential investors.

Introducing Tau-Chain

I would like to discuss one of these technical projects that works under-the-radar, without a fancy website or extensive marketing campaign but with brilliant innovation and fast-growing community. The name of the project is Tau-Chain (Agoras tokens on Coinmarketcap), developed by Ohad Asor.

Tau is a collaboratively self-amending program designed to scale human collaboration and knowledge building. To further clarify the explanation, think about a platform that can develop any computer program the user desires, based solely on discussions with his or her team about the program’s specification and development. The use of such a platform can change not only the crypto-ecosystem, but all branches of science.

The Roadmap

Tau’s vision has a long way to go. However, Ohad has developed a detailed roadmap to achieve his vision. Tau will be developed in four stages, as follows:

  1. Tau Meta Language (TML): TML is the base language that will enable all users to interact with each other, no matter what computer language they speak. Think about it as the technology behind Google Translate, but for computer languages, or as Ohad calls it: “the Internet of Languages”.

  2. Alpha: Alpha is a social platform that promotes discussions between infinite numbers of users. Today, an effective conversation cannot be held when too many people take part in the decision-making process (that is why democracy was created). However, Alpha will be able to scale these discussions and detect logical points of consensus between users, thus enabling better knowledge sharing and construction.

  3. Beta: Beta will advance Alpha to enable the development of computer programs, based on user discussions in the platform. To make this more tangible, think of where anyone can easily develop a website, even without the technical expertise. With Beta, the code for any computer program will be developed based on specific instructions that the user provides.

  4. Tau: Tau is where blockchain is introduced, thereby creating a decentralized platform (the Tau-Chain), compared to the centralized Beta. Tau will be self-amending and will be able to deduce knowledge based on the information submitted by its users. In its final stage, Tau will amplify the creation of knowledge for its users, advancing current human-knowledge, research and development in different disciplines, such as physics, mathematics and computer science.

The reasoning behind designing the roadmap in four stages is that each stage can support the advancement of the next one. This year we expect the development of the first two stages, TML and Alpha, to be completed. Using Alpha’s discussion platform, an infinite number of developers can join the project to build Beta, expediting its go-to-market date. After Beta is developed, it will only be a matter of time until Tau is completed as all technical challenges will be resolved using Beta.

The legal entity behind this operation is called “IDNI” (Intelligent Decentralized Networks Initiatives), which is composed by Tau’s development team and support units.

So, what is Agoras?

While Tau creates a true knowledge society, Agoras is about creating true monetary knowledge, by powering the ecosystem built via Tau. Agoras will be used to execute the applications of Tau, Zennet (Computational Resource Market), derivatives trading platform and further developments to be built as part of Tau’s ecosystem.

There are 42 million agoras in total. Most of the tokens were sold by Ohad during 2017. The sold tokens, named IDNI Agoras, represent the future Agoras coins holders will receive upon the completion of Tau (fourth stage), where the blockchain is introduced.

The current price of one IDNI Agoras is around ~$2 (traded on Bittrex), which has shown a steady growth throughout the development of the project. The initial code that was released as a proof of concept strengthened the confidence of investors in Tau, compared to competing projects.

I foresee huge potential for this project, and urge you to read and learn about this project and its relevant applications. If you find this vision interesting, I recommend that you follow the project on Telegram, Facebook and Reddit, or read Ohad’s blog for further information.

Disclaimer: I have invested in Agoras. Please do your own research before investing in Agoras and/or any other coin or project. Please do not consider this article to constitute financial advice.


I've followed this project for a while too, it's definitely one of the more promising and ambitious projects out there.

The recent set of explanations for this project is becoming better by the day. But still way harder to grasp than anything else out there. Even if it now seems that it might be theoretically possible, would there be any inherent technical limitations to be able to scale in the most desirable dimensions (security, consensus, speed, etc)?

What are your thoughts on SingularityNET's paper by the way? if you've looked into..

Thanks for share info about tauchain ... I need to underatand better .. i will read it more quite..

Before investing in any coin or even project, there is always a need to do ones research DYOR, and I can see that at the footer.

Thanks for the post "Agoras"

Thank you for sharing this. Tau-Chain is now absolutely on my watch list! I had not heard of them yet. Definitely ambitious, but seem to have a solid foundation and ideas on how to implement. I will be watching and may invest as well. Thanks again!

I don't think that investors should be scared of investing in Agoras. we are now living in eras of crypto's. The earlier the better. I will check it again and start with small and monitor my progress. We should be able to take risks to grow and i believe we can try our chance with Agoras

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information is very valuable, although I am not a trader, but I will deepen the science of cripto

This is a very informative post, I have never heard of tau-chain or the agoras token.

I'm going to do my research and then know the way forward. Thanks for sharing and please don't hesitate to share more of this kind of informations when ever you have the opportunity to. Cheers

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Please @flis, are the ways in which you can be rewarded with agoras token?

In, talk about but the page doesn't work, do you know something about that?

I like this project A LOT. It could be the graal of governance. Agoras, TML and EOS = future

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