Behind the tattoo is one story

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My company has a lot of good colleagues, they are fun and friendly. I was particularly impressed with him. Tattoo on his hand attracted me. He told me a story about it.
“I was a playful outgoing guy. Recently, my coworkers often ask me out on a binge...Every single time, I got too drunk to be aware of anything around. The next morning when waking up, I didn't even remember how I could get home. My parents got upset and warned me a lot. One morning, I saw my dad in my room, he worried that I could have a cold as I was too drunk. My parents said that if working here required drinking a lot, I should quit and find another job. If I kept drinking, they couldn't handle it if something bad happened.


But I just listened with half an ear... I keep drinking and coming home drunk. The other day, I went out on a binge again, and it turned out to be the same...My mom burst out crying and dad just sighed without saying a word. Her tears woke me up, it dawned on me that I was too insensitive to my parents' advice and regretful about it. The next day, I said sorry to them and promised that I would mend my way. Then I got this tattoo: with mountain above and sea underneath. You got it?

"The effort of a father is like a huge mountain. The caring of a mother is like a flowing spring”


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meaningful story

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