Original Orchid Flower Tattoo by Kid Darko Art

in tattoo •  last year

Original Orchid Flower Tattoo by Kid Darko Art

This is a pretty straight forward tattoo. The client wanted an Orchid Flower because it is her favorite flower & she finds them quite beautiful. She brought me an image of a green orchid which I have never actually seen so I was pretty excited since it was such an interesting subject & I love tattooing flowers.
I didn't think just a plain flower would sit well on the skin and to avoid too much green overall I used one foliage leaf on the bottom to even out the design & filigree leaf patterns in red & purple also some greywash shading behind the flower itself to add some background.
This tattoo took 5 hours & was completed in 1 session. This is the tattoo right after application. The tattoo will look a little softer once healed & settled.

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Nice tattooed brother
But nicer tattoos are behind the body


Thanks you. Also I am unsure what you mean?

Waw. A nice tattoo, let alone added with interesting color scratches, make the orchid petals very beautiful and elegant.

I have an article about ciplukan trees that rarely encountered, capa know it can inspire you, try to visit my blog @ahyalfazari or (aza).


Thanks I will check it out

Love this tattoo, the colours are beautiful.

Another great tattoo my friend

Wow that came very well, nice design and execution of it !


Thanks woody

Viva Venezuela Carajo!!!! Nice Tattoo ;)



wow awesome!


Thank you 😊

Tell me, will the client hurt his shoulder? Long? I also want a tattoo, but so far I do not know what to choose - it's for life!

I love it!