Original Harley Quinn Hammer, Drawing & Tattoo by. Kid Darko

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Original Harley Quinn Hammer
Drawing & Tattoo by. @kiddarko

The Drawing

The Sketch

The final Pattern after lining with pen

The client asked me for a cartoonish Harley Quinn Hammer with a red rose for Poison Ivy.

The Tattoo




This tattoo Took 3.5 hours and was her first larger scale tattoo measuring in at 7" tall. She did sit really well and her husband likes it so much that I am tattooing a Harry Potter tattoo on him tomorrow and I will share that also.

Thanks for viewing my post


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    Great tattoo! Really cool design and just looks killer, thanks for sharing.


    Okay, wow that detail is insane!

    I feel like you have come up with a new genre of tattoo-photography, haha! At least I hadn't heard of it before. :D Amazing!

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