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Kupala mandala

Artist: Vitaly Klimin
Tattoo Made: 2017/06/10 *
Published: 2017/07/06
Location: Gatchina, Russia
Studio: @aid_tattoo

Tags: black-and-gray, flower, mandala

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Yey, another tattoo artist is here :) nice mandala. I am also doing tattoos and want to connect with more tattooists here on Steemit


Pleasure to meet you here, @gabchik ;-)
What a coincidence, our date of joining steemit is quite close, haha.
gogo.tattoo is not just one artist, more like a platform and/or the future vision of the tattoo world.

Visit http://gogo.tattoo for more info.
Sign up at https://chat.gogo.tattoo, so we can have a small talk ;-)


Cool stuff!