Tattoo Fruitition - This is how it became

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This is how I got my tattoo. I visited Angkor Watt and loved it so much. You can see some of the pictures that I took from my experience. Then I started thinking about getting a tattoo and I got on line and downloaded some really nice pictures of the temples. I played around with my own drawings, yet i am not a drawing artist. I got a good idea of what i was wanting and the body placement. I drew it up and took my downloaded pictures to Studio 1984 in Vietnam. I got Kiem as an artists and he did magical work. I love this piece so much. He put a few extra free hours into it to make it as good as he wanted, a true artist.

What do y'all think? Do you like it?

It took almost 6 hours of needle time and it was so painful the whole time. There was only about 20 minutes in some good areas that felt normal where i could relax. Love it!!!!

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