Choosing your ink alchemist, the tattoo artist

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Once you decide to get a tattoo, choosing the artist is more important than you may realize. Aside from looking at the quality of their work, the artist's energy essence will also be a part of your tattoo. Getting inked is a very intimate experience. It is a spiritual vehicle for transmitting energy, because an invisible cord attaches the tattooist's energy to yours. Tattooing is a magical ritual that forms images, draws blood (our life force), and creates a symbolic bond between you and the artist.

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The tattooist understands you are placing a permanent images onto, and into, your body. The initial consultation with your artist gives you the opportunity to design your art and make sure your image fits your body contours. Your tattoo artist is, in a sense, a quasi-shaman performing a ritual. In fact, there are many tattoo artists who honor the transformative side of getting inked. They view it as a form of spiritual therapy that helps you express yourself in a creative way. - Lisa Barretta, Conscious Ink: Hidden Meaning of Tattoos, p. 27-28.

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(All tattoos by Daemon Rowanchilde, Urban Primitive)

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I wish all tattoo artist's are all as conscious as you are. Love your work : )


@seareader1 I share your wish, believe me! If i have anything to do with it, more tattoo artists will learn. I want to teach other tattoo artists how to take on this approach and how to improve their work. One of my dreams is to start a school, community or movement of tattoo artists that approach tattooing this way and support each other and work towards further improving the art through their contribution. I am working on a presentation to educate the public about how and why tattooing should be valued and approached as a healing art. I am starting a series of paintings (the first one is finished-falcon) on animal spirits. I am hoping these paintings help communicate the way I see and value life and also how I approach my tattoo sessions. The dots and patterns that I put into my art is not just to look pretty but to communicate that there is more than what meets the eye and we are all more than who we think we are.


I'm looking forward to watch what you come up with. Not that I will ever be tattoo artist but could possibly benefit a great deal from getting a tattoo from someone like yourself. Tattoo's are so very much apart of me. I love all I have. As well as a school you should write a book as well yourself. You have so very much to offer other artists as well as the ones wanting a tattoo. Wish I could upvote this so very many times.